Beloved friends,

Serena began her journey with fb in 2009, when her heart was pierced by Arrow of Truth. She did not know much about ascension, light language and New Earth Frequency, but her heart knew Love, Pure devotion to Creator of all, her secret joy of watching stars, birds and blue sky.
She was gifted with many talents, poetry was the fastest to her Beloved, the ache and joy of longing to become One.
She was a mystic, a solitary woman whom after her heart initiation became part of this huge happening, Awakening to who we truly are.
The first few years, poetry poured out of her heart, all written by pen of light, shared on fb, social media… She thought her work in done, her pages began growing, friends lists, invites to share more of her poetry, even new paintings began, all heaven frequencies poured into colours and forms. She felt fulfilled that her creation serving the collective ascension, the love she feels for the creator God/Divine is spreading light and speaks of truth.
But that was also another layer of the illusion needed to be removed.
So life sent her to unknowable reality of living in present in Spring of 2017, with a suitcase and 300€. To walk the truth, not her version of it, but the pathless path of Prophets, to sleep in streets, airports, bus stops, and lose more of years of identity, conditions. To become fully empty and ready to receive her original galactic and celestial codes, be activated as NewEarth Avatar.
She had the privilege to share her journey with many people, on facebook as well as all ordinary and yet unique humans, souls that came into her daily experience of this oneness with life.
Since the beginning of 2018, she became less of her human and more of a part of motherboard Unified Light Data and activation and her work transformed to be a gatekeeper of the planet, frequency holder and travelling to different locations, opening portals and all the initiative tasks to support the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.
Her sharing on fb and social media became less and less, now a new universe was opening in her heart, energy became her dominating expression.

Now, she is even need to go deeper into template of newearth, as a Masterbuilder of Sirius, a key activated and a new role shall play to establish the frequency of the Emarald Order and the guardianship of Seraphim(s) as part of Divine Organisation in 2020.

This New Role, will end all her personal accounts on social media, fb, Instagram,.. will be removed.

Before end of the February, a link to a new website which is in service and support of New Earth Manifestation and Part of Divine Organisation will be shared here and shortly after this account will be closed.

It has been a great honor to walk with many of you, virtually as well as face to face, hand in hand over the last 10 years.
I am grateful.🙏

***When we are touched by mystery of life,
Love showers our bare skin and heart goes to rainbow’s spasm.
When nothing really is left from past believes, nothing to be saved, no Savior, no hope, no grasping…just opening to all there is, welcoming the ache and joy of intimacy with life. Perhaps vulnerable, alone, softer than petals in face of unknown, dark and light both are in play and heart knows…only one way…open up and receiving follows.
The magic of not knowing, the joy of Sacred Union. The homecoming of fire, passion and purpose.
This is the moment of reborn!***

Scent of a Rose

Scent of a


Father of silence,
Mother of space,
Child of love,
the coming new day,
in scent of a rose
in strength of flying bird.

what we want
is not simple,
it is an imortal dream
that we could forgot our faces.
Arche your arms
in meaningless mist of mind
build a bridge between pain and joy
open your heart to take all the light and shadow
and not be afraid of any end;
into the scent of life
into the morning dew
every cell awakes
in freedom of infinite love.

~ Serena Devi ~


Holiness is everywhere.
The arranged flowers in a vase
on the edge of life and death
offering endless beauty;
in two small palms of a child
offering a share of her chocolate cake.
In the carved wrinkles
on a mother’s face
tracking time;
beholding love.

Holiness is everywhere.
Behind the eyes,
the unmoved presence returns
to the story of creation;
sky blooms in forgiveness.

The graceful walls of soul
silently holding us to the end of
all weeping and blaming.
When heart reaches its wisdom,
heaven shakes.
In arrival of the dazzling flight,
effortless joy,
drawing us close
to the orbits of earth.

I become you,
brightened by the truth
neither a saint, nor a sinner,
what is left from the story
is a pure light.


A Prayer

Each time we choose to surrender our heart to its eternal longing our spirit evolves and rises above the current,
entering into a new and higher level of consciousness.
This is the cycle of life and the unchanging law of nature.
Rhythm and harmony are sisters that dance alongside each
other and are known as the beauty of creation itself.

May you be fully aware of the choices you make.
May the longing of your heart welcome your true lover
and the fire of intimacy lighten up your path to truth.
May the stranger who moves into your castle
become a life time friend, your forever beloved.

May the patience of your spirit
be embraced within eternal union
and bring you back home.


I must love you so much ….

There is a room, not too large, not too small.
It holds the silence of forests for me.
Poppies bloom on its walls.
Ocean waves could be heard in beating of my heart.
Dream making is allowed between hours, day and night.
I am so selfishly alone in this room.
The door is unlock, I alone, hold the key.
Silence is wide, and so dark. So easy to see the light and choose to disappear in this timeless space, with no plan for tomorrow.

Season passes, it is spring now. the restless movement of life cries for newness between the walls. I used to call it cave of enlightenment!
And extend my stay, because it is safe and comfortable, regardless the daily death of my dreams, or my mission.
Is it Gods will? Or mine?
Why am I here? Sinking in stillness, delicious presence of something beyond knowing, that only in this cave, in this dark, I can achieve the union and so powerful and sensual this experience is and has been.
Imagination, passion, curiosity are strange words in the mystery of fulfilment in this aloneness, that universe makes love with my every human fibre. My love grows for all there is, the deeper I drop into emptiness which is held by four walls.
I must love you so much to say “enter”!!
Are you a friend ? A visitor perhaps?
Could you love, as intense and as passionate as my eternal lover?
Can I let go of imagination and dress my wounds with pink lilies and orchids.

Birds are singing outside, How simple they can share their tiny existence with not much interference. For humans, we need either to write or invent stories. We prefer love stories, or magical tales of stars, either way, it is so hard to sit in a room alone with self.
Day in, day out, move from avoidance, resistance, hate, anger, control, self loathe …to love, to stillness,to peace and tranquility.
Now where one goes after peace, love and tranquility? When the world has gone and only reflection is the echo of a beating heart.
How deep is your love, to meet yourself, to know God.
Not in forests or luxury resorts, not is meditation classes and communities?
How deep can you endure your own presence? With no stories, or desire, or plan to save the world.
Sing a song in aloneness of soul, united with dark, being an spark of joy.
I must love you so much to say “enter”.

Serena Devi

April 2018/ Bali