In time we move into timeless. So much joy is available and the best way to experience this, is to let go, free ourselves from any grasping, planning.

Just really get naked, feel the depth of our longing for living passionately, unleash our sensual and sexual energy and offer ourselves the space which we can just feel them. Expression is always secondary, what we are is raw, wild, constant force of creation, aroused and open, moist ground of Gaia invites us to step into power of mystery and beauty.

To remove all layers of self preservation, protection and shield and ease into this new space of Light. Let waves of joy reaches to our most intimate parts, hear the moan of life in lovemaking of air and fire, water and Earth. Thoughts are heavy and unreal, walk under shower of rain, put your fingers in colors of ecstasy on canvas of poetry, dance and nature.

Let it happen, the surrendering to waves of wanting, the hunger of eras to be kissed by the source of all.

This is what you want, making love, silently, constantly, be kissed by Sun. Be loved by every atom and cell in universe.

This is the return of Adam and Eve, this is the greatest unwritten story of human journey in cervix of birth.

Falling in love with no reason, need or attachment. Playfully feel, be and rise with all you have ever been, truth and nothing but the truth into glory of unknown, honey drops in forever open mouth of receptivity of your own heart.

Touch the skin of joy, wrap around the morning breeze, eat the forbidden fruit and kiss the lips of the serpent.

There is no sin, no barrier, no limitation, only joy, only joy of being One.

Stars are seeding in your hearts, feel the spasm of orgasm on walls of your womb and hara, feel your wilderness, the magic of life.

Be force of nature, silently humming, passionately moving, gently arriving, sacredly loving.

Be joy…
Serena Devi

Artwork :Debra Benier

Pilgrimage of love update

Since Friday feels like a month that I am back to England an Brighton.
New waves moving so deep into bodies’ cells, working layer after layer that we no longer know our linear time, just feels like a fast remembrance of future. Physically tired, and thankfully since this sacred land is the closest I have as home, my sleeping patterns have improved and sleep longer without many wake up zones.
Intuitively I rented a room for 6 weeks in Brighton and with so many unexpected changed, I let go of all planning and controlling. July will be a month of deep integration within, in solitary space of union between the lover and the beloved. For many of us this is the final stage of surrendering and devotion to Truth of One. It is the point of no explanation, teaching, leading…. It is the centre of the Eye, within One.
Whatever comes as insight, plan, ascension data and newearth blue print, it won’t be much of the words, more of presence, which is power of creation.
I am away from fb till early August, as it feels will be the time of movement and some places have been shown, Glastonbury, Lake Contstatence, south france, it feels more than grid works, this year is about opening portals through water, have been receiving some codes through sound and voice… The future of Earth is a complete upgrade of physical and solid into fluid plasma of sound and vibration.

This is the gift of Union, ability to hear the light melody and not just see. Most of the vibration we experience in the body and sometimes overwhelm us is The Light melody of Divine Mother. That is what I remember at age of 5 and forgot later on at adolescent time.
Now through breathing, head release hidden and activated codes and if the body is ready, we witness the disappearance of Human limited consciousness and marriage of Soul and the creator and also feel, hear this pure sacred Light music.
That is why it is important to listen deeply, follow solely your own inner guidance and know the open gateway is one of highest octave Sound of Heaven and if we allow the body to come to alignment, through this gateway we fully can embody Godlike avatar and that we see and express as Service. Unity is the “A” of Light Language. The Beginning of MAGIC, here and now.

Seraphim Joy

Photo: Sunset Shoreham by sea

Joy of Now

Ache and Joy of Crystalline Now.

I wept without tears, this uncontrolled ache in heart always is a messenger of opening to new way of relating. When I look inside, there is no sign of the person, it is more an empty space and then through different events, comes and goes of fellow travellers, some alchemy and magic happens! I look back and have no idea how I got here, have no plan to arrive somewhere else, but with a hint of smile and salt I know, when I let life to takes over, when only in present I dwell, things stop troubling me, I become more playful, in the face of challenges, I weep, laugh and become more impersonal to what I THINK.
On the other hand, my sense of I Am, opens up more to momentary experience of here and now. I welcome the ache in my heart, this not knowing how things will manifest, I want to feel life grasp, in pain and in joy. Let waves of uncertainly wash over my human face and my shimmering soul stands one more time in flames of love and her trust in order of Universe. Present is where I want to be, to surf on highest vibrations and see, feel and be magic(al).

Serena Seraphim

Our only choice is
To mature up in not knowing of life.
Accept our vulnerability and ache of longing
to be embraced by something greater than ourselves.
We are shown the peak of our soul’s love and the helplessness of our human skin.
We became one force, holding this cosmos journey united in both heartbreak and joy of grow.
The fire is real,
Tears are real,
Our togetherness is real.
Our shattered hearts, crucifixion and resurrection as One Christ is absolute presence of what truth is and reflects back.
There is no longer a strategy to deny our Godlikeness.
There is no veil left.
It is all here, all we ever wanted, radiating gracefully in all we experience and become.

The wilderness of life flowing out of our Human bodies, purified orbs of light shinning across the sacred Earth, it is the perfect love. The perfect happening. Flowering the mystery in every step we take on the edge of two worlds, coming a Sacred Union, between matter and Spirit, we are weaving a galactic tapestry between time and timeless.
Mark this moment as fulfilment of your divine embodiment,
Let end the unending need to make this moment anything different than what it is.
Choosing love is the only choice,
Walking the path to unknown is the only direction,
Loving all is the highest vibration,
Let us claim our freedom,
In a silent bow
To life as It is.
And never betray our own hearts by believing in less or more of anything.
We are Gods.
We are One.

Words by Serena Devi
Photo: pixabay

Love letter

LOVE letter in Bali
April 2019

I love life.
I love music, dancing and writing.
I love beauty and newness that every moment brings.
I love my parents. I love my brother and sister. I love Tara.
I love mountains, forest and ocean. I love Brighton. I love Vancouver.

I am in love with San Francisco, Bali and the place I have not discovered yet.
I love to help others, I love nice cloths. I love blue and purple, white and orange.
I love Xmas and all decoration.
I love to travel to new places.
I love Tim, Ray, Snooky,… and all men that helped me to open my heart, through cry, laughter, joy and agony, hurt and growing up to be more of love.
I love my old friends that we shared a lot, from our future plans and secret boyfriends, I love the feelings in my heart anytime I remember any of them, they are alive in my every breath.
Ah, I love creation, every leaf, every story, the perfection of life.
I love God, I love the Maker, the absolute, the unseen, the mystery of galaxies. The Father,/Mother, the lover, I love all aspects of ONE, here, now and in all infinite possibilities.
I love Sirius, my origin, my blue Ray family from beyond, here and in forever.
I am in love, like a crazy to give birth to NEW Earth Templates, blueprints of love, commitment and joy. For Children of the earth, the ones we have not met in flesh, but our souls know each other. I love every star, sun and planet in this Universe and all other universes.

I love myself, adore my every cell, every sound, very tear, and smile, I love and appreciate all my gifts and beauty that are there to be felt, expressed and developed.
I love the fragrance that I AM.
I love creativity, celebration, gathering. I love simple and yet mysterious experiences.
I love my partner, my other heart, body, my one soul.
I see him, feel him, love him, accept him, enjoy him, treasure him and make love with him, in each breath, gaze and touch.
I love every day of this adventure to just be here and love everything, everyone.

I love my home inside my own heart, where everything is simple, pure and honest. I love my work, even though have no name for it. It feels my heart is a transmitter of higher frequency, and there are so many advance abilities which make my life magical, I see everything from above, vision of Future that feels like present.

I see almost every human Soul Blueprint, the degree of light and shadow. I see through time and space and when words come out my mouth, I know the voice of throat is initiated by love of Divine, and I am just a vessel, a messenger and nothing more.
I only know the present, and in present all I am is LOVE.

I love tax refund, I love money, I love materials, I love body, I love soil, I love touch, I love abundance. I love sweetness of morning sun, the mystery of night. I love this amazing month of April 2019, that burnt me inside out with a lot of challenges on arrival in Bali and not knowing if I can stay and have a place, and yet my heart thrives to more of let go and surrendering. To let new level of intimacy be born.

I love the man who briefly provoked my woman’s heart into beating and made me realize I am still in the body and this body wants to sing, dance, loss weight, swim naked, make love after 11 year celibacy, and this body is a pure temple, loving herself.
in a gentle, seductive, passionate and kind, sweet way of being patient with her new energy, way of life. I am falling in love with my new little ways of doings, read people energy, find my alignment.

I love to feel and connect with my dreams. I love to pack my suitcase and go hand in hand with my lover to new frontiers, enjoy sex, enjoy new ways of being, let go of all resistance, condition, and mistrust.

I want to surf smooth and joyful on wings of love, in happiness and togetherness with all livings.
I love you.
Isn’t this what you also want and love?

So, let be the bravest of all time, let our light be the light of One, and our hearts, the bridges to higher possibilities for this planet and beyond.
Life is purposeful and there is only one purpose, one intention, one destination for all creation.
Serena Devi