Pilgrimage of love update

Since Friday feels like a month that I am back to England an Brighton.
New waves moving so deep into bodies’ cells, working layer after layer that we no longer know our linear time, just feels like a fast remembrance of future. Physically tired, and thankfully since this sacred land is the closest I have as home, my sleeping patterns have improved and sleep longer without many wake up zones.
Intuitively I rented a room for 6 weeks in Brighton and with so many unexpected changed, I let go of all planning and controlling. July will be a month of deep integration within, in solitary space of union between the lover and the beloved. For many of us this is the final stage of surrendering and devotion to Truth of One. It is the point of no explanation, teaching, leading…. It is the centre of the Eye, within One.
Whatever comes as insight, plan, ascension data and newearth blue print, it won’t be much of the words, more of presence, which is power of creation.
I am away from fb till early August, as it feels will be the time of movement and some places have been shown, Glastonbury, Lake Contstatence, south france, it feels more than grid works, this year is about opening portals through water, have been receiving some codes through sound and voice… The future of Earth is a complete upgrade of physical and solid into fluid plasma of sound and vibration.

This is the gift of Union, ability to hear the light melody and not just see. Most of the vibration we experience in the body and sometimes overwhelm us is The Light melody of Divine Mother. That is what I remember at age of 5 and forgot later on at adolescent time.
Now through breathing, head release hidden and activated codes and if the body is ready, we witness the disappearance of Human limited consciousness and marriage of Soul and the creator and also feel, hear this pure sacred Light music.
That is why it is important to listen deeply, follow solely your own inner guidance and know the open gateway is one of highest octave Sound of Heaven and if we allow the body to come to alignment, through this gateway we fully can embody Godlike avatar and that we see and express as Service. Unity is the “A” of Light Language. The Beginning of MAGIC, here and now.

Seraphim Joy

Photo: Sunset Shoreham by sea

Pilgrimage continues


Dear Friends,
I Am, my body moved one more time to return to England and feels my assignments are finished for now in Bali. This land somehow innovated and accelerated my every cell of being in a very profound way.
I became more of its wilderness, tenderness, patience, mystery and beauty. I am humbled and so grateful. It has been over two months, fully supported by Light and love, at the same time fully engaged with energy and frequency and whatever require to open new portals and bring new higher frequency which meets on land, water, human body, it is a full time work and mostly I do not know what happens through I Am until later when it all mentally process. I fell in love with Bali at the same time never before was challenged so deeply, shaken up by any land as much as Bali pushed me out of all comfort zones, soul and human, to more of who I am. 🙏🌸

I am back into unknown and zero point again. mind is blank and $ is 150 and I am smiling with an open heart, deep joy and complete devotion to the source of all, myself and all aspects of One which in magnificent flow into everyday experience.
What a journey! . A dear and divine brother will generously and kindly get the ticket, i do need a landing place, preferably close to Brighton, as my vessel need a bit of tune up and medical check up.
This comes strange, as some parts of me really miss my birth land and others wonder how this will shape and happen.
I am surrender and my heart through all uncertainty feels this is the time to return and reconnect with the Mother, listen, feel new waves of energy beside forests, ocean, people of my beloved Homeland. Please message me direct if you can assist to manifest a perfect space and room.

I appreciate and welcome the flow of love align to this new movement and beginning.

Love Donations are welcomed.
Thank you

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