Sameness in All

When perceived and perceiver become One,
The world stops,
All dissolves in One.
All is One,
One is All.
To feel United,
See everything as Love
There is no division in Self,
All dramas have sameness in value;
~ Serena Devi

Sacred Union

Inside the space
Heart grows dreams of unity.

The longing for embrace of the beloved
has come to fruitfulness of present.

The sacred union of flesh,
Is the marriage between spirit and matter,
Man and woman,
Yin and yang.

Inside me, universe is merging,
And your brown eyes inviting
Years of seeking into one moment,
One heart, one soul, two bodies
Bowing gracefully in front of each other,
Becoming the Beloved.

Is it possible,
The land of Gods
Has become my eternal paradise
Beside you, in bed of orchids,
Softness of music, magic of dragonflies,
And tears of joy
Resting in your arms.

My heart relaxing in God
More and more.
And you move into body of my feminine
Our song of love
Echos in galaxies
In shine of stars
And silent worship of one.
My beloved,
Gaia is our home for now,
Playfully I touch the string of your heart,
As your waves caresses my soft skin,
I surrender
to our love devotedly.

Our dance together
is cherry blossoms of sky,
Waterfalls of light.
Your lips on mine,
Ah, the nectar of true love,
Ecstasy of our flesh,
Endless rapidly force of creation.

I Am You,
You are I,
No more words,
Just the beauty way of Heart.

Serena Devi
April 21, Ubud

I am…

My beloved,
When am I coming back home?

Amused with my childish question,
He laughed and replied,
“you are already there.”
I said, “how could I be,
Where is your beloved face?”

He said,
Take a look around,
I am the sunshine in your hair,
I am the moon lighten your night,
I am the air you breath,,
I am the ground under your feet,
I am the rain drops on your face,
I am the wind caressing your flesh.

I am the ache in your heart,
The longing in your prayers,
I am the silence you belong,
I am the invisible one.

Could you feel the love,
We share in place of your heart,
Could you feel my fingertips,
Playful with curl of your hair,
Bringing you closer to my breath of love.

Could you feel my presence,
When you rest in my arms,
And know you are safe.

Could you feel my kisses,
When you stare in empty space,
And call my name.

Could you hear your heart beating,
When love consumes your flesh,
And pain takes you to valley of loneliness,
When dark night standing naked
laughing at your vulnerabilities,
Forcing you to surrender
To its shadow.
When my graceful sky comes
to rescue you
With his white swans.

When you are tired
After a long struggle
With fearful demons,
You return to my arms.
When I hold you,
In warmth of my love and passion,
And whisper to you,
You are at home.

When you reach and hold my hands,
And consumed silently
In flames of our love.

You know,
You are already at home.
And I will be with you till the end.

© Serena Devi, April 2010, somewhere on planet Earth

Tantalize in present.

Love is threshold of God.
You feel your own vulnerability
And can touch other’s suffering.
Silently, tantalize in present.
Gracefully, observe All.
Tenderly, embrace the delightfulness
Of Life.

Serena Devi

The servant of union

~The Servant of union

God’s love is wild, passionate and endless.

The mountains, forests, angels and beasts, the sound of raindrops on open fields,

the body of earth and soul of enternal,

all are her majestic blow of love into empty space of now.

Ascenders to God we are.

An awaken heart to his love surfs infinity, whirls hand in hand with creation.

When Him is within reach, heart aches in ecstatic joy and longing,
the sound of creation,
hoving of hummingbird and cry of the wind
all echoes a one desire,
The Union.

I wept so loudly, so long
For clouds to stop,
For harvest to come.
Ocean melted in my tears
and from the ashes of my human,
Phoenix raised.
Then came the silence,
Fragrance of his love.

He turned my body into his,
my heart,
Into the home of galaxies,
My lips,
Into wine of his kisses.

I am ripen in his love.

O soul, I became no-thing
went inside of the dark hole,
Into emptiness
and became the precious gem.

A golden child of heaven
From union of sky and earth,
Blood of God runs through
Her veins.

I am a servant of this union,
Now and Forever.

Seraphim joy