Creative Alchemy

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Creative Alchemy is spontaneous framework to explore our inner reality. To connect with true self and empower our choices in alignment with who we are.  The process of creativity in combination with alchemy (Inner transformation) offers a vast space for soul to be heard, discovered. We come to our true power and state of being.

We work together and cut through the intellectual and verbal layers of knowledge and believes, participants  find a new and deeper connection with inner reality, experience self worth, confident, freedom and peace.  Life is a pure magic on a white canvas, be an artist of consciousness, make a master-piece from your being. Remember, it is our purpose in life to create and to know ourselves as a creator!

Creative Alchemy is a unique and trans- formative  program, it will offer a foundation and space for understanding of how personality and soul could meet in the center of our  being; where universal realities merge with personal human realities, and where the infinite and finite become one. We expand our identity into the soul center, recognize the shadow side and how it works and significantly can claim our  true power and move toward  authentic self. We use creativity, silence and movements in a very practical ways for healing the personality so it can develop and express soul. You will find creative alchemy programs to be an intelligent, loving and reliable support to your practice and clients  everyday questions and concerns, inspiring deeper reflection and life-changing decisions.

It instantaneous trans-formative approach activated the soul creative potential, an alchemical dance of majestically wonders of life.  Our workshops and activities designed to assist participants  to get their subconscious mind to support their soul journey. It helps to open the heart and allow blocked emotions released and deep healing take place. We use artistic expression in form of workshop and gathering:

Dance & Movement

-Art & Creativity

-Writing & Story telling

Creative Alchemy is a unique program offered to Spiritual and Creative Teachers and Coaches as a collaboration work. Please note, It is NOT offered to individuals. It will be designed and facilitate By Serena Devi as part of your practice to assist  Clients’ inspiration &  integration  in form of retreat and workshop. To get in touch and receive more information please EMAIL US.

Dance & Movement

Dance is sacred and powerful. Through dance we discover stillness, motion and freedom to be in a present moment and experience something deeper. We Experience and connect to our body, its energy, heal and unblock the stuck memories, fears and move into freedom, to be full present.This body of work is rooted in conscious soul dance / movement practice. We use 5 Rhythms Chakra  &  Shakti Movement in form of body expression mindfulness and embodied awareness. It is  a physical storyboard to connect and inquire  our collective stories in the spheres of self, relationship and community, alongside the principles of conscious alchemy. The work is oriented and yet spontaneous to unleashing personal power and collective creativity, to assist  awakening beyond mind stories. In is an invitation to deeper intimacy with our body and its connection with our true soul expression.

 Creative Art Alchemy

Lasting changes happens within. Creativity takes us to hidden and undiscovered gems within. Creative Alchemy rooted in not knowing and not directing our senses. It offers an opening to be spontaneous and live in moments. We remember ourselves in act of creation and each created  art mirrors  our inner connection & transformation. In creativity lies the fire of love, passion for newness, a marriage of polarities, of spirit and form, a yin and yang. Waiting, opening, holding, releasing and emptying for arrival of truth. Creativity is a magical wand, engaging our consciousnesses and imagination into wilderness of spirit and never know what gift it brings back to our lives. We let it be, let it come, let if go. We use Mandala drawing, Vision & Story board, Collage making and many other workshops.

 Writing & Poetry

Writing is a way to meet inner witness, the gentle sublime whisper of soul. An intimate way to meet the greater version of ourselves. Writing stories, poetry build a platform of trust, to mirror and meet our most intimate feelings, desires and allow space for the story to be heard and released. It is a force of imagination, burst out from unity of heart and mind into a soothing song, or a yearning of a burnt heart, whatever form it manifests, it brings us closer to our true self.  Words are sacred fluid bricks building and restructuring a design within our human  mind, They are soft, changeable, yet carry  the deepest secret and truth of our existence.

Creative writing is a powerful tool to express and be playful with flow of words. It is a labyrinth of self discovery over white pages of not knowing what breathes beneath our senses. Reading your own poetry heals and empowers your inner muse and brings more juice into your writing and self expression.

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