Beloved friends,

Serena began her journey with fb in 2009, when her heart was pierced by Arrow of Truth. She did not know much about ascension, light language and New Earth Frequency, but her heart knew Love, Pure devotion to Creator of all, her secret joy of watching stars, birds and blue sky.
She was gifted with many talents, poetry was the fastest to her Beloved, the ache and joy of longing to become One.
She was a mystic, a solitary woman whom after her heart initiation became part of this huge happening, Awakening to who we truly are.
The first few years, poetry poured out of her heart, all written by pen of light, shared on fb, social media… She thought her work in done, her pages began growing, friends lists, invites to share more of her poetry, even new paintings began, all heaven frequencies poured into colours and forms. She felt fulfilled that her creation serving the collective ascension, the love she feels for the creator God/Divine is spreading light and speaks of truth.
But that was also another layer of the illusion needed to be removed.
So life sent her to unknowable reality of living in present in Spring of 2017, with a suitcase and 300€. To walk the truth, not her version of it, but the pathless path of Prophets, to sleep in streets, airports, bus stops, and lose more of years of identity, conditions. To become fully empty and ready to receive her original galactic and celestial codes, be activated as NewEarth Avatar.
She had the privilege to share her journey with many people, on facebook as well as all ordinary and yet unique humans, souls that came into her daily experience of this oneness with life.
Since the beginning of 2018, she became less of her human and more of a part of motherboard Unified Light Data and activation and her work transformed to be a gatekeeper of the planet, frequency holder and travelling to different locations, opening portals and all the initiative tasks to support the manifestation of Heaven on Earth.
Her sharing on fb and social media became less and less, now a new universe was opening in her heart, energy became her dominating expression.

Now, she is even need to go deeper into template of newearth, as a Masterbuilder of Sirius, a key activated and a new role shall play to establish the frequency of the Emarald Order and the guardianship of Seraphim(s) as part of Divine Organisation in 2020.

This New Role, will end all her personal accounts on social media, fb, Instagram,.. will be removed.

Before end of the February, a link to a new website which is in service and support of New Earth Manifestation and Part of Divine Organisation will be shared here and shortly after this account will be closed.

It has been a great honor to walk with many of you, virtually as well as face to face, hand in hand over the last 10 years.
I am grateful.🙏

***When we are touched by mystery of life,
Love showers our bare skin and heart goes to rainbow’s spasm.
When nothing really is left from past believes, nothing to be saved, no Savior, no hope, no grasping…just opening to all there is, welcoming the ache and joy of intimacy with life. Perhaps vulnerable, alone, softer than petals in face of unknown, dark and light both are in play and heart knows…only one way…open up and receiving follows.
The magic of not knowing, the joy of Sacred Union. The homecoming of fire, passion and purpose.
This is the moment of reborn!***

Power of One

Our only choice is
To mature up in not knowing of life.
Accept our vulnerability and ache of longing
to be embraced by something greater than ourselves.
We are shown the peak of our soul’s love and the helplessness of our human skin.
We became one force, holding this cosmos journey united in both hearthbreak and joy of grow.
The fire is real,
Tears are real,
Our togetherness is real.
Our shattered hearts, crucifixion and resurrection as One Christ is absolute presence of what truth is and reflects back.
There is no longer a strategy to deny our Godlikeness.
There is no veil left.
It is all here, all we ever wanted, radiating gracefully in all we experience and become.

The wilderness of life flowing out of our Human bodies, purified orbs of light shinning across the sacred Earth, it is the perfect love. The perfect happening. Flowering the mystery in every step we take on the edge of two worlds, coming a Sacred Union, between matter and Spirit, we are weaving a galactic tapestry between time and timeless.
Mark this moment as fulfilment of your divine embodiment,
Let end the unending need to make this moment anything different than what it is.
Choosing love is the only choice,
Walking the path to unknown is the only direction,
Loving all is the highest vibration,
Let us claim our freedom,
In a silent bow
To life as It is.
And never betray our own hearts by believing in less or more of anything.
We are Gods.
We are One.

Words by Serena Seraphim Light
Photo: pixabay

Pilgrimage of heart/ New Year blessings

Is any words left to echo this boundless space of present WITHIN?

Another Earthy year is coming to end, my being no longer feels with borders and time. Only Now makes sense.

Pilgrimage of heart continues, into a deeper song of creation, a path to stars and unknowable happening of love, mystery and pure consciousness.
Is this the beginning or end of awakening?
Or just a free dive into moments of bliss, as One.

I call this magic, God. The One, that souls and hearts bow and yet there is No one here to bow!

When memories are become story of courage and adventure into centre of unknowable. Where intimacy with life is thinner than skin, lighter than a breath, and more vulnerable than a newborn baby.

We are that life, we are that love.

Many lifetimes ago, many stories ago, we lived as sparks of light, a huge crystal’s mountain were our home and again it will be in what arrives as future.
Floating were our nature, peace our flow, love our song.

We did not have hands and legs, we did not have separated bodies, we were weaves intertwined, holding the entire Ocean of dreams.
We were breaths,
We were songs,
We were poems of God.

These dreams over time renewed their nature, upgraded their frequencies, once we appear in a dream named Buddha, and the next, Yeshua.
We built churches, masques, temples, high rises, bridges, guns, aeroplanes, communities, spaceships and still continues…
Yesterday, we were a mortal Human, surviving life. Our evolution was to kill and take, or to killed and be taken.

Today, we are awake in dream of galaxies and consciousness ascension.
We have realized we are eternal, our bodies are temples and we are formless visitors/ souls/consciousness.
Today we want to serve One, to follow our hearts, be witness, be neutral and play natural.
To create in equality, totality, in transparency, in beauty.
Today, we know who we truly are.

We are Vibrational reality of high frequency Intelligence, recognising all, in every potent moment & space for Alchemy ( Love ) between Now and the Creator/ Monad One.

We chose to be expressed in polarity, be heard in duality, and yet be the creator in Unity.

It can not be just a woman with her mobile, typing words while the song in her heart is so strong, so unique and so fragile. Her ache for beauty, for herself, for all reflections and even projections,
She owns it All, she lives it All.

She is a poetry.

Poems are so like flames, their life has no measure. Short or long, a flame burns as the essence of her life allows.
Poems float between lips of a poet and open space of wonder, a pilgrim of moments, a journey to witness longing, arriving, embracing and letting go.
To return to zero, to formless and unborn.

Her human life began 54 years ago, she never imagined it anything like what she experienced. By aging she became more of silence than the words.
By walking bare, with no belonging, with no direction, destination, accepting , surrendering life into everything that defineded I Am, to break over and over as identity, attachments, stories, beliefs.

She became home-less, sorrow -less, Word-less, human-less, and more Of Now,
More of Life,
More of Love,
More of a poem of God.

She wished for that since 6 years old, to be more of a Floating light, a lighthouse in universe, to feel closer to God, to see everything beautiful and everyone as Her.

Today, is that day, that her dreams of humanity has come true, as we become no more, no less than Life,
than God Herself.

Could it be the greatest gift of the creation?

Self Realization, Enlightenment, Consciousness ascension,
ALL Carry One truth.

Joy of Oneness!

Happy New Earth, Happy New Year.

~Serena Devi

Enchanted rose

I lived a fragile life in a form of a rose,

I sang my sorrows & wonders,

I painted my heart with golden rays of sun,

beneath Waterfalls, I drew the epic journey to centre of love and union.

I burnt the illusion of my petals, color, even the seeds of my essence.

I gave birth to innocence of present between walls of my kingdom.

I waited patiently, to smell my own fragrance, before the end of my life.

Who is she Now?

The silent ebb of love, the enchanted rose!

Winds and dancing trees, sky and floating clouds,

The bare simple moment on being aware,

In space, in time,

Marrying to magic and aloneness of being so fragile, so tender.

“I belong to no one and yet

The gentle force of dark mother,

Breathe in me,

Eyes of silence, gazing into Heart of universe,

Chanting my name.”

O, the rose is bloomed

The mystery of her fragrance whirls

Around the enchanted garden of the beloved.

Her petals are mortal worshiper

on alter of love,

Ah, it is her fragrance which is eternal.

The joy bearer of sun,

the moist lips of wanting

On soil of Earth,

Ah, mother of all,

Grand me a death in the name of a rose,

A burial worthy of beautiful Queens,

Devoted warriors,

I fell in love with smell of my own petals,

The soft, the thorn,

the majestic kingdom of love,

I am the enchanted rose.

Risen from the dark womb of all.

Seek no more, the mad heart,

You are the One.

~Serena Devi

Sameness in All

When perceived and perceiver become One,
The world stops,
All dissolves in One.
All is One,
One is All.
To feel United,
See everything as Love
There is no division in Self,
All dramas have sameness in value;
~ Serena Devi