Sacred union

Inside the space
Heart grows dreams of unity.

The longing for embrace of the beloved
has come to fruitfulness of present.

The sacred union of flesh,
Is the marriage between spirit and matter,
Man and woman,
Yin and yang.

Inside me, universe is merging,
And your brown eyes inviting
Years of seeking into one moment,
One heart, one soul, two bodies
Bowing gracefully in front of each other,
Becoming the Beloved.

Is it possible,
The land of Gods
Has become my eternal paradise
Beside you, in bed of orchids,
Softness of music, magic of dragonflies,
And tears of joy
Resting in your arms.

My heart relaxing in God
More and more.
And you move into body of my feminine
Our song of love
Echos in galaxies
In shine of stars
And silent worship of one.
My beloved,
Gaia is our home for now,
Playfully I touch the string of your heart,
As your waves caresses my soft skin,
I surrender
to our love devotedly.

Our dance together
is cherry blossoms of sky,
Waterfalls of light.
Your lips on mine,
Ah, the nectar of true love,
Ecstasy of our flesh,
Endless rapidly force of creation.

I Am You,
You are I,
No more words,
Just the beauty way of Heart.

Serena Devi
April 21, Ubud

Vintage of Love

Chamber after chamber
Heart repeats her song,
The vintage is close,
Red, green, pearly grapes
Waking up,
To a tasteful wine
Green summer ends
In colourful roads of autumn,
Where time speaks of many wonders
Of stillness,
Drop after drop
In bloomed vineyard.

Another year is gone,
And my heart still
Sings love songs.
Many letters were washed
In pain
Only a few came out
Dry and prepare
To face a new song.
My heart will never stops,
Seasons might get bored,
People might leave me alone,
Sky might stays gloomy forever
And ocean never reveals her secret.

But my heart is full of grapes,
Every year, at harvest time,
The ripen fruits fall
love is there
Always with her smile,
Her faith,
Knowing one day
She falls in her beloved arms
Like a ripen grapes
transform to tasteful
magical wine,
The wanderings of water,
Juice or nectar,
In forever now,
Ah… my heart is singing
This is song of love.

Vintage is here,
my lips swing in your valleys,
thirsty for your ripen kisses
mad for your blissful wine,
one look at your face,
my heart trembles
all through seasons,
years to come.

made a temple of my heart,
with many waterfalls,
vine yards
all in shape of your face,
all covered in your golden dust.
one day,
all roads will end into my heart,
carry your aroma,
deliver your presence,
all strangers, friends or lovers
all seekers all welcomed.

The vintage is now
I pour nectar
from my white breasts,
the endless ocean of love
into all seeker’s cups

your ripen wine
will never end
in my vein
even after this year
or the next
I become
your well
of love.
© Serena Devi, October 2011

Chasm of Everything

My love, watch my lips moving
on wounds of offering
on the ground of your love
as my heart ripen in wine
and my soul burnt in fire of passion,
They say, I long for eternal,
They say, I overcome myself;
I say no more,
see my fire, touch my stone,
see my sky and feel
the beating of my millions stars,
my soul falling in love
like spring rain
on open mouths of the valley of wild lilies.

The true beloved
smiles when my little heart surrenders her loneliness
to dark angels of night and ride away on the horse of desires
to the magical oasis of love.
I lifted up my hands holding faith,
a key to open up the treasures of my life;
travelling with half awake wind,
we crossing time together
beyond silence of trees, rocks and passing ships.

You see my love,
I am a song whirling around your tree of bliss.
your love made me simply open into a pure,
sacred gate-like happening;
a woman who wins over life without a sound
shaking her sands and making a bridge;
brick by brick into all hearts,
to cross over
the chasm of everything; forever healed.
My heart breathes on leafs of love,
dancing girl unveils the beauty
of each soul, in each song.

Afterward, what that approaches life
is the unsaid and unlived part of the self worth
until the womb can feel the unmeasured joy of being one.
Heaven pouring down into simple signs,
shall you at least be open and receive the heritages of your lives;
no world is real, unless your heart say so.
You belong to no one, but your soul.

Like a quiet sparrow playing her wings into the smile of a new day;
love transforms my tender spasm of worth
into an infinite union with all.
The true beloved clapping his hands
while the green of earth stretches over my firm breasts
and my heart endlessly indulges in ecstasy,
in need of nothing but herself.

My love, freedom swings between stars in your eyes,
As your lips approaches, mine moves more softly; closer to the rim of awakening;
The bird, the crown, the blossoming grief, ah my heart;
Lift your human face and see the beauty of The Sun, you are.
Sleep with the body of a woman, be loved by all roots
and receive the glory of your soul in dance of life.

~Serena Devi, July 2013 ~

New Journey

~New Journey
A new journey begins into unknown. Honor the foot track behind, pause gratefully in present, listen deeper into flow of life. Feel the energy in and out of body, know God has moved in completely, kneel gracefully on ground of Gaia and hum lovingly to stars, sky, soulmate birds and creation, LOVE IS OUR ETERNAL HOME. ❤

Live on the edge of undiscovered beauty, untouched moments of Creativity, in one breath with our maker, in love and devotion to all.

Thank you my love, as you took over this body, now, Serena can peacefully rest in tenderness of your arms, together rise as One.
I leave for Bali on 20th March, Equinox and Persian New year! No much of planning, enough to book a room for a week or two, the rest unfolds as my heart recognise the beauty of herself, take a joy of 23 hours flight, appreciating all aspects coming into physical reality to assist more recognition of the splendor of surrendering, connections to beauty, grace, magic and power of creation.

Sinking breath by breath into mystery of Now! Truth of Heart, could only be lived in silence and shared by pure gaze into the world.

You can read about Pilgrimage of heart below and follow up.

Serena Devi