Union of all

In the dream of world
where you no longer recongise the other;
He, who is so quiet inside your heart; pours himself out like a rainbow,
Colorful, warm and loving.

She, who is vast and soft receives his music,
leads him enchanted into the bath of light.
The glorious space between two flames of one
Opens like a valley of lilies, into mystery of love.

She waited so patiently, walking out of the silence,
purely enters the hours of innocence touch.

He was longing, long ago, for her to come and embraces the solitary man,
away for separation and sorrow;
New beating inside the breath of time.
When the beloved appears, the lover astonished and speechless
Recognise the magnificent beauty within his own heart.

All things rest peacefully
Inside the eternal stream of the truth.
We rearrange the outline of our lives;
Where images of happiness lingers on sharp edge of mind;
Hopelessly trying so hard to achieve some trophy,
some kind of ending; out of suffering.
Everything is here, in love;
Inside the silent songs of our hearts.

The man, I love,
The woman, I am.

Touch her skin, her shoulder, her wanting lips;
See the hunger in his eyes, feel his heart
the love beyond doings of the world.

A long intimate experience of your humanness and touch of your soul.

The unsayable parts of your journey, from earth to stars;
When your beloved arrives, everything turns into lessons and growth
Every touch on bare skin of knowing;
Keep moving you closer and closer to center of love;
Inside the mirror of your feelings,
The double world;
The man, you love,
The woman you are;
Turn each other’s body into a perfect celebration of life.

The ending of human, the beginning of Soul;
Hesitate no more,
The truth lies within your heart;
The beloved, the lover;
Union of All
reside in you.

~ Serena Devi ~

Beginning …

These days, the experience is so new, profound.
It is different than anything so far we individually and collectively, low or high of vibrational spectrum, any type of love, known as emotion, state or dream have been experience through humanity/ Awaken Avatars.

The heart feels this love,
this force beyond physical,
like the chest is cracked open with joy and ache of flowering,
Becoming one with Sun, soil, water
Becoming one, in totality of body, mind, soul, essence.

Ah, this love
This happening,
Is breath of the Beloved,
Touching everything,
Embracing the emptiness
Within Self.

This love with no name, border, direction, objection which is rising from your heart and yet no centre appears,
Is the rise of Aquarius Era,
Where unity is the air
And everyone a lover,
Every heart is a place of worship
An awaken starseed!

This love is liberation of all livings on this planet named Earth.

Walk gently,
ache joyfully,
breathe tenderly,
Meet yourself, the beloved
in All.

Words by Serena

Power of One

Our only choice is
To mature up in not knowing of life.
Accept our vulnerability and ache of longing
to be embraced by something greater than ourselves.
We are shown the peak of our soul’s love and the helplessness of our human skin.
We became one force, holding this cosmos journey united in both hearthbreak and joy of grow.
The fire is real,
Tears are real,
Our togetherness is real.
Our shattered hearts, crucifixion and resurrection as One Christ is absolute presence of what truth is and reflects back.
There is no longer a strategy to deny our Godlikeness.
There is no veil left.
It is all here, all we ever wanted, radiating gracefully in all we experience and become.

The wilderness of life flowing out of our Human bodies, purified orbs of light shinning across the sacred Earth, it is the perfect love. The perfect happening. Flowering the mystery in every step we take on the edge of two worlds, coming a Sacred Union, between matter and Spirit, we are weaving a galactic tapestry between time and timeless.
Mark this moment as fulfilment of your divine embodiment,
Let end the unending need to make this moment anything different than what it is.
Choosing love is the only choice,
Walking the path to unknown is the only direction,
Loving all is the highest vibration,
Let us claim our freedom,
In a silent bow
To life as It is.
And never betray our own hearts by believing in less or more of anything.
We are Gods.
We are One.

Words by Serena Seraphim Light
Photo: pixabay


Holiness is everywhere.
The arranged flowers in a vase
on the edge of life and death
offering endless beauty;
in two small palms of a child
offering a share of her chocolate cake.
In the carved wrinkles
on a mother’s face
tracking time;
beholding love.

Holiness is everywhere.
Behind the eyes,
the unmoved presence returns
to the story of creation;
sky blooms in forgiveness.

The graceful walls of soul
silently holding us to the end of
all weeping and blaming.
When heart reaches its wisdom,
heaven shakes.
In arrival of the dazzling flight,
effortless joy,
drawing us close
to the orbits of earth.

I become you,
brightened by the truth
neither a saint, nor a sinner,
what is left from the story
is a pure light.


A Prayer

Each time we choose to surrender our heart to its eternal longing our spirit evolves and rises above the current,
entering into a new and higher level of consciousness.
This is the cycle of life and the unchanging law of nature.
Rhythm and harmony are sisters that dance alongside each
other and are known as the beauty of creation itself.

May you be fully aware of the choices you make.
May the longing of your heart welcome your true lover
and the fire of intimacy lighten up your path to truth.
May the stranger who moves into your castle
become a life time friend, your forever beloved.

May the patience of your spirit
be embraced within eternal union
and bring you back home.