Artist Statement

Art is a language of light. Where everything is intertwined to give birth to a captured essence of a mind/heart of life which flows in every brush of an artist, melody of a music or a sacred piece of a poetry.

A seeded greatness waiting to be merged on a paper of canvas. My art is a search into softness of femininity without a gender into power of creation, inside the womb of all possibilities. Creating is a prayer to endure  beauty and humans’ emotions, coming together to vibrant in dance of colors and forms. Sometimes in collaboration with symbols and words, sometimes just a bold statement of seeing beyond our own eyes and other times a pleasant walk in garden of colors.

I am artist with a poetic heart and the more I tune into my senses, I discover new frontiers of feelings and evolving approach to unknown horizons of my own soul. It is a dance that I learn and unfolds by each step I take, each brush and each word, I grow into more alignment with heartbeat of Earth and beauty.

What do I want to bring into life is always the same. Divine beauty that I feel in my heart, the joy and intimacy I feel with the Source and nature. I want to see the invisible vibration of life, before human’s touch of limitation, wounds and social standard. I want to feel my paintings have wings to take any heart into more joy and mystery of the inner realms. The fire and passion in my being is  beyond my age and years of academic study in art and textile design. I walked away for own heart before I even listen to her invitations, the painful return I made in 2008 to embrace my creativity and language of light brought me back to essence of life.

It is a forever flourishing fountain of discoveries from beyond even imagination. I hear the sound of heaven through colors. I would be honored to be an offering of Spirit; as  a new perception in  colors, forms and words to change and expand the Earth and humans consciousness through awakening beauty in our eyes and heart. My mission is to be a song of heaven in art and poetry.  I want to be remembered as a poem of God.