Serena’s recent works are bold and make a statements in her choice of forms and colors. Suddenly, her palates became full of vibrant colors and as she  painted more of colours, shapes minimized, focus on ornament designs and Middle Eastern  and Spiritual symbols and motifs  allow a direct communication between  emotions and  brush in a free and spontaneous process of creating. She sees herself as a contemporary artist whom  influenced by Art Deco, Cubism and Mosaic glass designs. She likes to bring joy and happiness into viewers eyes and also invite them into mystery of shapes and colors as they merge between define lines and yet not very clear where they are gone.

Her energy collection  (Dance of Colors) are infused with passion and a mysterious sense of femininity,  nature in search of inner beauty and intimacy with life and creation. Her art is vibrational, have the ability to lift up soul energy and can be used for even meditation. Her art works are exhibited in  England, USA and Middle East. All works are for sell, for further information and price please either email directly to Serena Devi.


**All Photos/Paintings are Original Design and Copy right to Serena Devi.**

If you wish to purchase or commission, please use the contact form. Thank you.