New Journey

~New Journey
A new journey begins into unknown. Honor the foot track behind, pause gratefully in present, listen deeper into flow of life. Feel the energy in and out of body, know God has moved in completely, kneel gracefully on ground of Gaia and hum lovingly to stars, sky, soulmate birds and creation, LOVE IS OUR ETERNAL HOME. ❤

Live on the edge of undiscovered beauty, untouched moments of Creativity, in one breath with our maker, in love and devotion to all.

Thank you my love, as you took over this body, now, Serena can peacefully rest in tenderness of your arms, together rise as One.
I leave for Bali on 20th March, Equinox and Persian New year! No much of planning, enough to book a room for a week or two, the rest unfolds as my heart recognise the beauty of herself, take a joy of 23 hours flight, appreciating all aspects coming into physical reality to assist more recognition of the splendor of surrendering, connections to beauty, grace, magic and power of creation.

Sinking breath by breath into mystery of Now! Truth of Heart, could only be lived in silence and shared by pure gaze into the world.

You can read about Pilgrimage of heart below and follow up.

Serena Devi