Salute the sun

In twilight of unknown.
Thankful for this perfect moment.
Time has undressed my heart
in facing the divine destiny,
looking into eyes of One,
melting on ground love, in anticipation, in burning,
All I know of love,
Is a heart beat
in my chest
belonging to beauty of eternal.

For all the years, I believed I Am the body,
I shed, in endless tears.
To find myself, I lost everything.

What I loved from the start
Became the unstoppable tides of Sun
Pulling, pushing me out of the body,
Out of the shadow, I finally stood still.
Like a blade, connecting sky and earth.
Awake, in the heart of sky
I became Lightening.

All I know of love,
Is to be obedience of heart,
Live in twilight
salute the rising Sun