Heart oracles

Today I woke up wondering about everything, myself, the path and why it seems I am looping in one circle over the last few months.

I learnt to listen deeply to heart and follow my inner guidance, at the same time how long is required for truth to appear and clarity forge a practical actions to create the life I wish to live. Having said that, being here is always delicious, rewarding and full of surprises, but one can also want and desire and trust in all possibilities and rest deeper into allowing.

Today I opened the oracle and The Seer card came. I draw another one and the smoky mirror came. Which both reflecting back that what appears is not the truth, a mystery is waiting behind the fog, inviting more detachment from all outcomes and loving what it is.

In our soul journey there comes moments that we need to see beyond linear reality, feel deeper than human emotions and let thoughts pass like clouds beyond our open horizons. We might not know or see the truth in this moment, in knowing of perfect divine timing, life evolves and our perceptions continuously upgrade and move us beyond conditions and mind sets of lifetimes.

We always can seeing our dreams into being, as long as we are ready to let go of the story, drama, resistance and be more present within and move from silent space of heart into action, free from all attachments.

Be blessed


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